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  • Lite n' Appetite a taste of health

    a taste of health!

  • Lite n' Appetite Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Let food be thy medicine
    medicine be thy food


  • Lite n' Appetite Healthy Lifestyle

    As tasty as can be!

  • Lite n' Appetite Exersize

    Feed your muscles!

  • Lite n' Appetite Healthy Weigh

    Be active ... Stay active!

Why choose Lite n’ Appetite ?

We tend to create lightness blended with exquisite taste. Lite n’ Appetite tends to deliver a wholesome dietary approach.

Our Packages

  • Full Meal package

    Composed of Breakfast, AM snack (fruit), Lunch + salad or appetizer, PM snack (sweets), Dinner + soup or salad. Additional healthy snacks will be provided to meet higher caloric needs. This package will be delivered to your door 6 days a week, 4 weeks a month starting from 3000 QAR only depending on program chosen.

  • Healthy Lunch Meal

    Healthy Lunch Meal is designed to encourage you to eat and stay healthy within your busy lifestyle. Our flexible delivery service works around your tight work schedule and lunchtime agenda. Healthy Lunch Daily box will include one main dish, a salad or soup or appetizer, a fruit, a bottle of water and a Lite n’ Appetite guilt-free sweet. Join us now and benefit from our corporate and monthly-subscription promotional discount!

  • Dietitian Assessment and Consultation + BMA (350 QAR)

    Lite n' Appetite offers Dietitian Assessment and Consultation + one FREE Body Mass Segmental Analysis (BMA) and a complimentary follow-up visit to our dietitians at a promotional price!

  • Body Mass Analysis - BMA (250 QAR)

    Our skilled and experienced dietitians will analyze your muscle mass, fat mass and total body water along with their respective segmental distribution all over your body. Our technically advanced and accurate Segmental Body Mass Analyzer will be utilized for detailed and error-free readings.

  • Lite n’ Appetite Family and Friends package

    Enroll with 3 family members or 3 friends and enjoy our special discounts!

Lite n' Appetite packages

Piece of Advice

Color your plate with fruits and vegetables!
Drink plenty of fluids making water your first choice
Remember, it is all about balance!

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