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About Us

a taste of health

Who we are?

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Lite n’ Appetite, Health and Diet Food Center

Designed to advise and appeal to dieters aiming for weight loss, gain and maintenance, to the physically active looking for a balanced and complete nutrition customized to their exercise regimen, to members simply seeking a healthier lifestyle and others with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure looking for proper nutritional management, Lite n’ Appetite is your destination.

Why choose Lite n’ Appetite?

As the name implies, we tend to create lightness blended with exquisite taste. Lite n’ Appetite tends to deliver a wholesome dietary approach. Our services go beyond one to one nutritional counseling held by our skilled dietitians, to be complemented by biweekly weigh-ins and reassessments and convenient daily delivery of our lite, healthy and tasty individualized meal plans to your door.

What makes Lite n’ Appetite unique?

We cook lite feeding your appetite!

We cook by the healthy book following the 8 recommendations of Qatar National Dietary Guidelines.
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