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Feed your muscles!

Downsize with Diet and Exercise!

To adopt a healthy lifestyle, you simply need to eat healthy and be physically active.
Your nutritional daily needs, weight changes and health status in general are highly affected by how physically active you are.
There is no need for radical changes in your diet plan if you choose to perform regular light to moderate types of physical activity such as brisk walking, bicycling, gymnastics, free weight training, dancing etc.… Higher protein dietary needs along with a balanced carbohydrate loading and reloading have been supported by medical research for those who tend to perform endurance and weight lifting exercises.
We, at Lite n’ Appetite, understand that you need to have a balanced complete nutrition to stay healthy when physically active. We also acknowledge the fact that your body’s need for energy, protein, carbs, healthy fats and nutrients vary with the intensity and frequency of your physical activity.
Lite n’ Appetite Exersize program

Why choose the “Exersize” program?

Pump Up your Muscles
“Exersize” program is your way to fuel and pump up your exercising muscles.It ensures you receive a complete and balanced nutrition for better exercise performance and remarkable weight changes.
This program is ideal for the physically active who exercise to lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight. It is also highly suitable for body tone and muscle pump workouts.
Our skilled clinical dietitians will nutritionally assess your dietary intake pattern, weight changes, exercise regimens followed and will manage to clinically assess your nutritional needs.
Your selectively chosen meal plans will ensure additional protein needs, healthy fats intake, sufficient carbohydrates for loading and reloading as well as a complete and balanced intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.