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A program for HER!

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A program for HER!


Well congratulations!!!

Your baby might not seem real yet but it is the perfect time to eat healthy for the both of you.
By eating healthy we do not mean you have to eat for two.
Lite n’ Appetite has developed meal plans that provide you and your baby with a complete and balanced nutrition. As your pregnancy progresses, our dietitians will closely monitor your weight and dietary intake ensuring your additional caloric needs and weight changes are progressively controlled. This program will ensure your intake of the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats chicken and fish, legumes, low fat milk and dairies, healthy fats and water. Additional pregnancy requirements of calcium, folic acid and vitamin D are ensured within our recipes. Moreover, our healthy cooking practices will limit your intake of sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.
Lite n’ Appetite Hermonal program


Keep in mind that your baby is eating everything you are eating. It is the perfect time to make the right choices for both of you.
Lite n ’Appetite offers healthy nutrition programs for you and your baby. We acknowledge the fact that with breastfeeding your body has additional demands and your daily diet has direct effect on your baby’s health. Thus we thrive to provide full and balanced nutrition to breastfeeding mothers ensuring replenishing your bodies depleted stores as a consequence of breast milk formation and complete nutrition is delivered to your baby.
Kindly note that Lite n’ Appetite will start to support you and your baby two months after your delivery.